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Safety resources for the asphalt pavement industry in California

Safety is and always will be everyone's No. 1 priority in the asphalt pavement industry in California. CalAPA's Board of Directors and the association's various committees have incorporated safety principles and practices in all of their activities. This page of resources is intended to provide a convenient repository for helpful safety-related information of specific interest to the asphalt pavement industry. Our special thanks to the CalAPA Southern California Paving Contractor Committee for initiating the creation of this page.

NAPA Work Zone Safety Page

Resources for working safe in roadway work zones

The National Asphalt Pavement Association, a CalAPA partner, has copiled a page of resources related to work-zone safety, which can be found HERE.

Watch for Us

PSAs and other resources

This NAPA page includes links to an award-winning Public Service Announcement and other work-zone safety awareness resources. Click HERE to view them.

NEW! Safety checklists

Safety checklists for paving, plant operations

The CalAPA Southern California Paving Contractors' Committee initiated  the development and review of these safety checklists as a resource for CalAPA paving crews and plant operators. Special thanks to the Indiana Asphalt Pavement Association, which developed and shared similar tools that formed the basis of these checklists. For more information about the origin and use of these checklists, contact Bill Knopf of CalAPA at (442) 400-9697.

Plant Safety Recommended Best Practices checklist is HERE.

Pre-startup project safety checklist is HERE.

Start-up Work Zone evaluation checklist is HERE.

Daily Production Checklist is HERE.

Completed Project Maintenance Checklist is HERE.

Shutdown safety checklist is HERE.